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Africa will have a Shoah Memorial

Mr. Samba Bathily went on Thursday, September 8, with Imam Chalghoumi and Eric Gozlan, to the Shoah Memorial in Drancy where the First Deputy Mayor of Drancy welcomed him.

Mr. Bathily is a world-renowned African entrepreneur who was recently named by the UNDP as one of the greatest influencers of the African economy. In addition to his business, Mr. Bathily invests heavily in social issues (he is the President of the Volunteers for Africa Foundation).

Mr. Bathily has a project to build a memorial in Cidade Velha (Cape Verde). This memorial will be dedicated not only to the slave trade but also to the Shoah.

This memorial will aim to educate African youth on their past and on the Shoah as well as to train African teachers on these subjects.

Mr. Bathily will soon travel to Israel and the United States to meet with the directors of Yad-Vashem and the Museum of Tolerance in New York.

Project of the memorial

Mr Bathily during the visit in Drancy (Photo Alain Azria)

Mr Bathily during the visit in Drancy (Photo Alain Azria)

Project of the memorial

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