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UKRAINE : crucial negociations

Tension is rising around the situation between Ukraine and Russia, as Moscow fears that Ukraine will join NATO.

On January 10, negotiations will begin between Russia and the United States.

This dialogue will give to Russia an important role.

These discussions may contribute to weakening transatlantic cohesion, because the Europeans are not part of the discussion.

The January talks come at a time when in Europe , Germany has a new coalition and a few months before the presidential elections in France.

What some U.S. officials are thinking

U.S. elected officials called Tuesday, Dec. 14, for preemptive sanctions against Russia and for more weapons to be sent to Ukraine to deter any Russian invasion attempt.

"We should be concerned with deterring Putin rather than provoking him," Democrat Seth Moulton told to journalists

What does Russia want

Russia wants to show that it has the means to play a much more important geostrategic role, which puts it on equal with the American superpower and which can influence the fate of security in Europe.


After weeks of tensions and warnings, Russia and the United States will hold talks in January about Ukrainian issue.

January 10 : negotiations in Geneva between the USA and Russia

The negotiations that will take place in Geneva on January 10 between Russians and Americans will go far beyond the issue of Ukraine. The security of the European continent will be at the heart of the discussions.

January 12: negotiations with NATO

A meeting between NATO and Russia, scheduled for January 12.

European countries that are members of NATO will be able to give their opinions on the situation

January 15: negotiations with the OSCE Meeting with the OSCE

This negotiation is not as important as the two previous ones because the OSCE does not have power as NATO

Europe absents from the negotiations.

The European Union's High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, said on December 29, "The immediate priority is to avoid a new escalation," while stressing that "any discussion on European security must take place in coordination and with the participation of the EU.

"If Moscow wants to talk about the security architecture in Europe and security guarantees from January, as has been announced, it is not only the business of the United States and Russia. The EU must be present in these negotiations, which only make sense if they take place in close coordination and with the participation of the EU," he said.

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