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For the first time a French court rules that anti-Zionism is similar to anti-Semitism

The judgment

In its judgment of February 8, 2023, the Court of Carpentras stated that

"It should be recalled that Zionism is a doctrine and a political movement aiming at the formation, constitution, consolidation and defense of a Jewish state in Palestine and therefore as such has no offensive connotation.

It is clear that this term also refers to the notion of the Jewish people and may, depending on the way it is used, in fact refer to members of the Jewish community, and thus to the religion, thus becoming objectionable.

It results from the elements of the file that the transcription of these videos follows tweets by Mr. Gozlan in which the latter boasts that Christophe Chalençon is anti-Semitic. The defendant replied that he was a Zionist. It is also constant that in these same videos and in a more general way the accused attacks all the Zionists who would be on the French territory and that he invites Mr. Gozlan to take a one-way ticket to Israel, while digressing on the attacks committed by the Muslims piloted by the Zionists ....

It emerges that the term "Zionist" is totally taken out of its political context and is aimed at the fact that the person is of the Jewish faith and not a Zionist, the use of this term being therefore watered down and deviated from and tends to target people of the Jewish religion...

It is thus established that it is because he is Jewish that Mr. Gozlan is the object of such offensive remarks. The offence is therefore characterized in this respect and Christophe Chalençon should be declared guilty.


It is constant that in these videos, the defendant calls to remove the life of Mr. Attali, Schwab, Macron, Lemaire, Veran, Gozlan ...

The Court sentences Christophe Chalençon to eight months in prison

Orders Christophe Chalençon to be deprived of all his civic, civil and family rights for a period of five years

Condemns Christophe Chalençon to pay Eric Gozlan the sum of two thousand euros as compensation for moral damages.

The facts

Christophe Chalençon is a former leader of the Yellow Vests who has already had problems with the justice system as a result of inciting an uprising

Christophe Chalençon appeared on February 8, 2023 before the Court for the following facts (extracts from the judgment)

Christophe Chalençon states in a video on his account "Vkontakte" VK of August 9, 2022:

"So today, sending the cartridges that I send, we have an individual named Eric Gozlan, he's a fat Zionist pig who lives in Paris."

"The Zionist son of a bitch Gozlan, certainly an active element of Mossad "

"And I say it well and very loudly and very high, Zionists, get your tickets ready because it will only have one way. The people of France are waking up. When it will make the junction between what you have done to the people of France, that is to say that all the attacks were not committed by Muslims, but were piloted by the Zionists and that our governments covered them .... Believe me, you will be put on pitchforks. The people will dismember you in the public square.”

August 14, 2022 about Eric Gozlan: "So know one thing: Zionists you are going to be crushed, wherever you are on the planet ....

I'm going to say to you there Gozlan and to all the Zionists ..... we are going to come to seek you, wherever you are, in the Prefectures, in the ministries, in the town halls; everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, in the television channels, in the radios, in the administrations, we are going to come to seek you and we will not tremble, the day when we will take away your life and we will tear off your heart ".

October 10, 2022: "So he (speaking of Eric Gozlan) anyway as in 45, at some point, of course, he will have to pay the bill.

September 27, 2022: "And if I must, as I said, be the servant of the blade, believe me with the grinders that I have they will cut ... "

September 2, 2022: "Tell me, you Zionist pig, you can bring me before any court you want, you Zionist son of a bitch. When we overthrow this treacherous regime, there will be a great cleansing. I tell you that as in 39-45 the traitors to the fatherland and the people will be pursued, hunted and executed by the will of the people. My lives that put you in the spotlight may begin to tickle some sheepdogs that may be in your area.”

Christophe Chalençon also attacks many personalities:

On August 14 on VK Christophe Chalençon attacks Jacques Attali and Klaus Schwab: "The transitional regime will be there to clean up the rot ... and I think that the death penalty for traitors, felons must be the only possible option ... The only possible option is to be buried in a common grave with 2 meters of quicklime on top. These individuals must not have a burial, these characters must be executed, put in a common grave where no one will know where it is located .... "

“I could see myself at Pascal Prau's or at TF1 with Attali tied to a chair with two nails in his hands on the desk and then asking him to explain what he intended to do to us. And if he doesn't let go at first, we'll make him break a phalanx .... As you have understood, I propose to be the executioner of these nice Zionists”

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